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Maine Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking

Maine Rafting Vacations on the Kennebec and Dead Rivers: Class II, III and IV Rapids From Flatwater to Whitewater

Put in: Harris Station Take out: The West Forks Class IV 11 Miles Rated one of the country’s best rivers. The Kennebec River has one of the finest whitewater stretches in the East. Everyday from May through October, dam releases reach 4800cfs (cubic feet per second) or more... that's a lot of whitewater. As a high volume river, the Kennebec is powerful with huge "roller coaster like" waves for an adrenaline filled ride. The middle section of the Kennebec widens and the rapids mellow, offering opportunities for fun swims and pure relaxation.

Put In: Spencer Stream Take Out: The West Forks Class II-V 15 Miles The Dead River has more whitewater rapids per mile than any other river in the Northeast. During select dates in the Spring and Fall the Dead is flooded with 5500-7000 cfs. of whitewater. Through 15 miles of remote wilderness the Dead River gains intensity with every rapid. For the adventurous and true whitewater thrill-seeker, the run has the biggest holes and waves of the year. The Hawk's Nest Lodge is conveniently located in the center of The Forks Area along the banks of the Dead River. We can help arrange a whitewater rafting trip for you with one of our area's outfitters.